I’m RaKia- a thirty something that loves reading, painting and Jesus.  Pizza is my favorite habit.  You can usually find me at my favorite place (church with #rhsquad) or with my favorite people (#harrispartyof4). AND most importantly: I enjoy romantic strolls…down the ice cream aisle.

I was born, raised and I still reside in sunny Southern California.  But before you paint this wave crashing, beach bummin’, San Diego-esque picture in your mind- I come from the So Cal DESERT.  (And our sunsets are OUT. OF. THIS WORLD.)  Now, I live in beautiful Chino! Where the food options are endless and the company is top notch.


I have a friend (her name is Danielle- and she’s actually someone who REALLY should be blogging) who encouraged a group of ladies to ‘journal life’.  What I took from that challenge was that life happens and most of it happens so fast.  We need to preserve the memories we’re making- whether that be through an actual journal, photographs/scrapbooks or some form of social media.  I do all of those things but most of my attention gravitates toward the media part.  I’ve found that places like Instagram and Facebook aren’t GREAT places to keep record of the memories and lessons that I’d like to share- but a blog seems like a good place to start!  And here I am! I actually don’t know what will become of this page… I just think it’s REALLY neat that it has my name on it.

rakiaronette.com will feature:


(You can read more about each on my first blog post!)

Bottom line is this- I want to shine the light and message of Christ in every single thing that I do. I hope you’ll always leave rakiaronette.com feeling encouraged and closer to Jesus.

And one more thing. I really am SO thrilled you stopped by my blog!  Mostly because I thought only my mom would.

(And Mom, I know you’re reading this… I’m pumped you’re here too.)


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  1. LOOOOOOVEEE YOU ARE GOING TO BE FAMOUS. You have so much wisdom and grace to share and I can’t wait! No weird fuzzy loafers though. Love you and so glad you finally have a blog to drop some knowledge on us!

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